Valmont DAS Poles and Small Cell Towers

Small Cell Poles and Distributed Antenna Solutions

Small Cell Test Site Pole wFixture
Small Cell Test Site Pole wFixture
Valmont DAS Pole Duke & Crown Castle
Valmont DAS Pole Duke and Crown Castle
Faribault MN 1
Small Cell Poles-ConnectivityImg
Faribault MN 2
Faribault MN 3
Faribault MN 4
Small Cell Integration Tehomet Poles
Small Cell Integration Tehomet Poles
DAS Capabilities
DAS Capabilities
Small Cell Flier Thmbnl Img 0317
Small Cell Flier Thmbnl Img 0317

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Any new structure has the potential to become a small cell site. Valmont provides small cell pole solutions for outdoor coverage using the same materials and design criteria found in our lighting structures.

Leveraging an unparalleled fusion of engineering expertise in lighting, traffic and wireless communication structure design, Valmont small towers poles provide an excellent accompaniment to traditional macro sites. These structures can be engineered to visually complement adjacent architectural elements, such as decorative light poles, using a variety of materials which Valmont offers - including steel, aluminum and fiberglass/composite.
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Small communication towers and DAS poles can improve coverage and capacity in a specific geography while facilitating spectrum efficiency. Further, with low centers of radiation, DAS poles enable Valmont customers to quickly install a network that can provide clear signals with minimal ambient environment interference.

Before ordering a structure, Valmont recommends discussing with our technical team issues such as local permitting and zoning requirements, size, location and frequency of the antenna and whether the signal backhaul will be transmitted via fiber-optic cable or microwave antenna. These and other related issues will be important factors in designing a small cell or DAS structure which meets your specified needs. 

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